Training Program

The focus of our training is that students can grow into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, gain bible knowledge, learn ways how to serve others, and  be equipped for ministry. 

Devotional Course​​

The prayer is a vital part of our relationship with God. God gave us the prayer to come into His presence to communicate with Him.  For this reason all students gather together daily in groups, to spend time in prayer and devotion. 

Sunday & Mid-Week Service
Students are required to participate our Sunday and Mid-week service. They are going to be an active part of the service. 

All participants partake the choir and attend the weekly rehearsal, also for their vocal training. The choir participate the service and on other opportunities, like in shelters and on mission trip. 

Good News Course

Bible Study
The focus of the bible course is spiritual growth and bible knowledge​. The participants  get a deeper bible inside, orientation and research  methods. 

Expository teaching verse by verse, Proclaim the Good News, Prayer Group & Church Planting

Mission Report (News Letter)
To write and design a Mission Report is an important part of every ministry and mission work. For you shall inform others about the works that God is doing in you and through you. 

Outreach Course

To serve Jesus Christ and bring all glory to God is the motive! The students serve Jesus by serving others and gather so important experiences. The students receive a guideline to accomplish their ministries.

To introduce Jesus Christ to people is the essential call of every believer and church, teams will be sending out to evangelize and do witnessing. 

Meet the needs of the Needy
Disciples shall bring encourage in Jesus Christ to people who are facing difficult life circumstances in jail, shelters, hospital, and rehabs. We go to pray,  sing, witness on how Jesus changed our life, and have simple fellowship. 

Mission Trips
​We venture mission trips to the indigenous Aeta people of Bataan. Every mission trip  takes 3 days and we`re going  to spread the Good News, bring love and joy in Jesus to children & youth, and give the needy a helping hand.  

Bataan is in the hot tropical mountain area and we`ll find there also beautiful beaches and time to take refreshing bath. 


Jesus trained His disciples along the way and we follow His example. Therefore we encourage disciples to start with ministry right away. Learning by doing! 

Our teaching  methods are; Lecture Style, Expository bible teaching verse by verse, team work, and many different practical activities, that allow students to gain practical experiences (learning by doing).

After accomplishing the program, students receive a certificate of completion. This exciting moment is the beginning of a new chapter of each student life.